Guarding & Protection

Seal of Guarding and Protection: Create an unbreachable defense dome around you

Life, such an elusive gift granted to us. On one hand, we wish to experience it to the fullest, but on the other hand, we’re afraid of losing it, so we might maintain a hesitant approach to it. Our fear could grow bigger with time, leaving us beside life, missing out on all it really holds for us. Despite that, some live differently, so what is their secret fortitude? How is it possible to go out on a limb with sound judgment on our side?

This is the change that will shield your way…

Why is it difficult to feel safe?

It isn’t a secret that life is full of danger and problems. As mortals, we are vulnerable in mind and body, living under the threat of damage, illness and pain. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that we must live alongside all of that, or else we won’t be able to experience life’s great adventure, only survive it.

Many undergo situations that add up to a pile of suspicion that grows bigger throughout the years, nominating fear as our biggest motivator. Fear of making contact, fear of getting ahead at work, fear of learning new things – all preventing us from embracing our own reality.

With fear comes anxiety, which in time block the natural flow of life, clouding our vision like a “safe” screen of fog. Some might say that could be a “realistic” approach to life, and that being extra careful is a must because bad things are in harm’s way. So why go out on a limb only for it to burst in our face, right? 

But then, if we choose to live according to this mantra, we’ll only expect the worst of things, of people, and by that apply our own fearful prophecy.

How to keep safe and dare to truly live?

Many deny themselves of what life has to offer and choose to stay oblivious, replacing their inner fire with addictions instead of opportunities. Of course, no one expects us to walk around smiling all the time, acting naive, but it is important to be attentive to our intuition, and the warning signs that follow. This will help us reduce threats but not at the price of giving up a rich life.

We can achieve that, and more importantly – maintain that, with the help of the ancient knowledge of the hidden world, the great power of creation that runs through us.

Such immense knowledge doesn’t live on the surface. Those who wish to obtain it must focus their faith in order to understand the ways of the world beyond.

Open eyes and open hearts would clear the way for unlocking the codes of existence, codes that are engraved in the Seals of King Solomon. He who was the wisest of man could speak the language of animals and plants, and perform mesmerizing miracles by his power of mind. Through his seals, we can expose ourselves to the infinite power of the mystical knowledge that is seared in them.

Seal of Guarding and Protection

He turned their rain into hail,
with lightning throughout their land;
He struck down their vines and fig trees
and shattered the trees of their country.”

Psalm 105:32

This seal helps its owner throughout their journies, livelihood and practice. Together with constant guard against the evil eye, the seal increases its owner’s intuition to keep from dangers ahead, while directing them to find their righteous path in life.

Are you ready to live a life worth living?

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