The Seal of Matching: Find the one you are meant to love, and no other

“It is not good that the man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18), and yet many of us are.
Being alone isn’t natural but still many carry this feeling around. If we can point the reason why we’ll know how to change the situation and find our match, based on love and friendship.
It’s going to be an exciting path. Promise.

Why is it difficult for us to find a match in the first place?

During our journey of life, we are designated to find a companion, one that will enhance our being to be much more pleasant & fertile. It isn’t just a saying that two are better than one. And still, this deep burning desire isn’t fulfilled so easily, and the one to walk right beside us seems too far from reach. There are plenty of reasons that might prevent us from finding our other half, but one hovers above all – the fact that we don’t allow ourselves to act on our own will, and act mostly out of need.

This will turn thing around

The main thing that separates our will from our need is fear. Fear that is originated from our need for survival, topping the will of truly living.

The need for survival is the moving force of animals, whilst for us humans, there is free will. This is the significant difference that puts us at a higher intelligent level over animals. We can choose to live an independent life and give way to what goes on in our hearts & minds.

Surviving isn’t up for debate of course, but alongside this, we must also put our will higher up our priorities. If not, we might find ourselves stuck, pleasing mostly others and giving up to social decadence.

From survival to actual living

When we act on our need for something, we are driven by an external force, and not by inner belief. If we don’t give enough space to our desires as well, we destine ourselves to feel victimized by life, lacking joy and openness. When we only do things “because we have to, and not because we want to”, we basically force ourselves to commit mainly to someone else rather than us. This results in added stress and anxiety that keep us in a very low frequency of energy, leaving no room for creating our own path.

Take a deep look into your life – what outcomes have you gotten when you acted on a need, rather than the experience you had when acted on your true will?
While we keep looking, we understand that the core of our will directs us to find a match in life – our desire for love & friendship over mere survival.

The Seal of Matching will summon true connection in your path

This seal helps its owner in creating and identifying situations and interactions that can ignite a loving match, accompanied by respect and admiration. When this connection is deepened the seal continues to empower the harmony & fertility of this future family unit.

“God blessed them and said to them,
“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it”

Genesis 1:28

The Seal of Matching is one of 44 seals given to us by the wisest of man, King Solomon. The secret of his monumental wisdom comes from the source of knowledge of the ancient world. One that not only flourishes the mind but also the heart…

Two triangles are connected together shaping the Seal of Matching, symbolizing the gathering of lovers. When placed on its owners, the seal shall lead them with grace and affection.

Together with the embedded name of the Lord and his angles, the seal evokes the hidden energy of the wishful heart.

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