Set yourself with sufficient leisure time. This would lead to achieving your aspirations abundantly

Our life is filled with responsibilities and missions we need to accomplish, in order to succeed in our studies, get accepted to a good job, find a matching partner to share life with, provide for a future family unit, and establish a comfortable future. Many times, especially in this day and age, we forget about the other kind of responsibility we are obligated to fulfill – our leisure time and company.

We all know there are certain things we have to do in order to survive and maintain ourselves with sufficient means, but it’s easy to forget that we also need to maintain ourselves mentally and physically amid life’s strains.
Making the time to invest in our healthy body and our sound mind is acknowledging that this could be the only way for us to have a truly good life, supported by our ability to move, to think and conclude. That is how we evolve and experience ongoing personal growth that feeds our imagination and our hunger for life. It’s well established that our creativity is stimulated while we are calm and relaxed, so taking our leisure time and company lightly would only hurt and prevent us from aspiring for self-improvement.

How can I make the time for leisure advantages?

Asking this question is an essential step in changing your life for the better. It acknowledges the fact that a richer life is a result of an honest inner observation we make. If we take the time to discover what drives us, really motivates us from within, then we will be able to follow our free will, and shape the reality we wish to experience during our brief time here on Earth.
Ask yourself that: What do I like to do when I have free time? With whom I’d like to spend it? What makes me happy? What makes me think? What stimulates my curiosity? Where do I want to travel and what would I like to explore further? These kinds of questions will clarify if you are happy in the place you are currently operating, and will nudge you to enhance your leisure time and its priceless benefits.

Leisure isn’t something to be ignored. It affects all other aspirations of life.

It might sound dramatic but investing in leisure time is actually a survival necessity. See, when we aspire to enrich our time exploring the things that interest us, things that let us express ourselves, we fulfill core elements that are an inseparable part of our wellbeing. Elements like gaining a sense of respect, knowing that we conduct our lives with meaning, gaining security by knowing that we have plenty of options to pursue life, gaining success and feel confident enough to keep expanding our knowledge, and finally – gaining a sense of belonging to something, being amid a group of people who share our interests and beliefs.

Be in the driver’s seat - steer your wheel of life with both hands

Being aware of the fact that we are able to direct our life towards whatever we wish to experience. Yes, it’s truly exonerating to be able to accept ourselves. That is the moment we decide to take action and regain control over the course of our life. It paves the way to better relationships with our surroundings, including our family and friends, but also our community in which we can express our contribution. It affects our ability to do well at work, more importantly to choose the right kind of work or study that complements us, and make way for our personality.

Combine wit, wisdom, and action to get a clear path

The need to aspire to reconnect with our inner self is described as far as in ancient times, and given validation in the inspiring writings of King Solomon. His infinite wisdom is a pioneer manifest of human nature and the ways of the universe, relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.
Solomon spoke of Eight core Aspirations that are essential for leading a full and satisfying life. The aspiration of Leisure is one of these essentials which must be met in order to accelerate personal growth.

Nonetheless, it’s one thing to aspire to, but it’s another thing to actually go out and get it. It’s not a simple thing, embarking on such a journey, but it is possible, more than you even expect.

Having a helping hand to guide you is sometimes that makes all the difference, and in this case, a viable solution to the struggles we may undergo.

These are the 44 seals that were forged according to King Solomon’s ring. The seals are blessed with the mysterious powers he owned and are engraved with the hidden codes that can unlock the secrets of a life well-lived. With them, their owners enjoy the same blessed force helping them overcome difficulties and gain harmony, good health, love and success in all their doings.

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