Start this new year with an unchained mind

My fellow residents of the universe,

These words are written as this current period of time creates accelerated processes of extreme human states of mind. Each of us is coping with personal and social uncertainty in an unknown space, a situation that has developed an existential fear inside us all. This fear, a survival instinct, reminds us of the primal existence in which we all followed like a herd, hoping for something on the outside to deliver us from a troubled time.

In this time of global pandemic our feelings of helplessness, and for many – a feeling of plunging into a dark abyss, enhance this fearful dependence, driving us to return to what is familiar, to cling to our past ways.

Well, the fact is that the world would not be the same again, and that is a good thing, so fear not.

Unveiling the naked truth

Have no sorrow for the passing of the old world, a space in which we’ve gotten used to faking communication, pretending to be something we’re not, leashing anger and spite toward others, as a way of making us feel better with ourselves. This time is now gone.

The beginning of 2021 brings upon the winds of redemption.
These words are written on a Friday morning, the 6th day of Creation, just before the Shabat. In Judaism, every thousand years count as 1 day, as we are now on the verge of the 7th millennium, the Sabbath. On this special day, we are charged with exuberating energies, ready to take down all obstacles ahead. In comparison to the duality we experience nowadays, it’s clear to see we hang on to our old ways, old patterns, old habits, and manipulated logic. If we take this opportunity to reacquaint with what’s in front of us, we would then rejoice and regain hope, following our heart and intuition rather than external influences which are rarely beneficial to us. You can sing it if you want…“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds…”

Those who would realize that there is much more than is revealed to the eye and that even conventional knowledge such as medicine isn’t set in stone – will be able to use their body and mind differently, and far more powerfully.

We invite you to take a quantum leap and open your eyes with the hidden knowledge of King Solomon, knowledge that was here all along, waiting for us to evolve and abandon old patterns, old addictions, and start to feel what it truly means to cooperate with one another, to open up to true freedom and intimacy that would establish fruitful connections between mankind.

These are challenging times, no doubt, but surely times that will expose our unknown abilities that can force their way out through truthful interactions, all the way onto telepathy.


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