Turn your life and live to your aspiration:
find your vocation, practice your true occupation

You’ve probably heard it all before: “you just need to be yourself and things will fall into place, naturally”. If you think it sounds like a cliche, you’re right, because it doesn’t really say anything practical. But, if you genuinely seek to find the thing that embodies the meaning of life, your vocation in this world, then you would discover exactly what needs to be done.

Ready to take a leap of faith (in yourself)?

What is this vocation that’s so important to identify?

We all have a calling in life. Not one that our parents, teachers or employers define, but one that is defined from our beginning. When we came to this earth it wasn’t just out of nothing, it was out of Everything. We, as human beings, are a part of a greater plan, a greater formation of cosmic creation – being active participants throughout this gift of life.

When Adam and Eve were banished from paradise due to primal sin, it was on to the rest of humanity to justify its legitimacy in this world, and make a life for ourselves.

Therefore, walking beside life without a sense of direction feels empty and alone, because that way we don’t do right by ourselves. The biggest sin we can inflict on ourselves is to ignore our true vocation, and walk blindly against our intuition.

Find your vocation and go with it. Don’t settle for anything else

There are three key aspects to finding our own vocation: Essence, Blessing, Mission. Once you accept this power of three and follow accordingly, you will start operating more fluently in your life, while actually enjoying the ride. When you think about it, that’s what it’s all about really.

The Essence of each person is the core of their being. A fundamental element that drives us to find comfort and success in the things we do in life, the practices we engage in life.

This is the basis of our being, waiting for us to implement it to create a new version of the world – one that is utterly ours. Everything we see, hear, taste and comprehend is linked to this essence, this unique energy of light that is individual to each person.
Recognizing this pure understanding of ourselves would enable us to live freely, to choose for ourselves, to serve our own purpose side by side with our environment’s purpose, respectfully.

When we talk about Blessing, we need to acknowledge God’s gift to us, which is our talent, our skill. This is the phase when you start acting upon your essence and use the blessings inside you to create your path.
This expression of yourself must be fulfilled and answered or else it would just fade away. Being true to yourself is searching for the places where you are able to express yourself and catalyze your vocation.

Finally, by choosing to accept or reject our Mission in this lifetime – we ignite the change we so desperately desire.
Know that: this Mission given to you is a direct calling from your soul. Remember that when your ego steps in and sometimes confuses you otherwise. The old ego always pushes us to act, but mostly out of an impulse. And if you wish to reach deeper, you need to stand still and carefully listen, as the soul whispers and doesn’t shout.
This is highly important in order to achieve results of success and enjoyment along the way, without having inner conflicts that fail you time and time again.

Stop covering yourself up. Stand tall and expand your vision

Remember that fair light from before? Well, operating according to your soul’s direction strengthens that light to be brighter and more inviting, not only within but also by attracting people who share your vision, your expectations of life. And when a person is surrounded by such a shared environment, they find happiness and meaning.
That is the only way to truly acting on our free will – by processing new information you learn about yourself, by developing your passion and talents as a way of life, by taking good care of your body, by simply loving yourself. Only then, you will discover what you are truly capable of accomplishing, and that is a magnificent discovery to experience, by far.

Aspire to implement your vocation. Your life depends on it

The inner instruction that guides us through life when connecting to our inner self isn’t a new idea, but yet overlooked by many of us. From ancient times we are revealed to the understanding that we are endowed with the ability to control the course of our life as we see fit, already evidenced in the wisdom offered by the wisest of man, King Solomon. Those who choose to change their lives for the better are given a key to this secret guidance, unlocked only when deciding to act upon an honest commitment towards themselves.

There are Eight specific aspirations that are revealed to us by King Solomon wisdom, an octagon of incentives that affect how our lives could look, not only in the future but also right now. One of these aspirations talks about finding our Vocation and followed by a suitable Occupation that would complement our time here. At the end (or beginning for that matter), there is nothing more fulfilling than reaching our inner goals. It won’t be without fear or struggle, that is just a natural part of the process, but it will be an essential part of embarking on a change, one that will lead us to live a happy life, filled with positivity that echoes on to everyone around us.

King Solomon seals: Remove what is blocking you and claim clarity for your path

Getting the life you wish to have requires an active approach. It may sound simple, but loving the person you are is the bedrock of succeeding in altering your life. This is the door to get out and find what interests you most, what stimulates your mind and motion, without letting external distractions diminish your motivation. You might feel overwhelmed about where to start or how to proceed, but you’re not left stranded.

There are tools that exist to help you reach this reality, sacred artifacts that are forged as powerful seals, providing inner strength and clear knowledge about the world in front of you, and beyond.

The 44 seals of King Solomon contain the codes to obtaining good health, good livelihood, self-love… Those who wear them are given a clear roadmap to the possible life they should have. With them, you are able to put your doubts and hardship aside and start designing your aspired future, as of now.

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