Victory & Achievement

Seal of Victory & Achievement: Your power to overcome exists within. Use it wisely

The urge to win is a feral instinct in us humans. It is so powerful that at times seems out of our control. Is it really?

You might be surprised, but the viable change you can experience in your life towards achieving your winning goals is totally possible. And the great thing is you don’t have to be at war with anyone…

None of us likes losing. This bitter feeling defeats our spirit, making us feel frustrated and under-motivated. It can be losing a relationship that didn’t work out, missing a job we didn’t get, losing an argument or a competition of some sort – whatever it may be, it’s always disappointing.

Rabbi Nachman, one of the great wise men of the Jewish law known as Halacha, explains the meaning of dispute as an inherent to us people. All the wars and disagreements that tear nations up are inevitable, because each person is a nation on their own, an entire world in itself.
So, you might ask – are we destined to live a life of quarrel with ourselves and others? Isn’t it possible for us to be at peace with ourselves? with our environment?

Achieve peace through purpose, not through war

Our main problem as a collective is that everyone is fighting with everyone, everyone wants to win, and no one is thinking about the actual purpose of our time here. Remember, a day that goes by will never return, so finding our purpose in life is key. The true meaning of victory lies there, so instead of fighting throughout our life, we should in fact cooperate with those who stand in front of us, and identify the quality of the given situation. Through this shift in communication we would be able to connect to a real purpose, a true victory indeed.


It’s essential that we maintain balance in order for that victory to last. Balance, just like the balance that drives the 4 elements of the world – is crucial for achieving flow and synergy. Water is moist, Earth is dry, Fire burns and Air blows – these fundamental opposites have to maintain balanced cooperation between one another, or else they would bring damnation upon the other.

Balance is yours to choose

Just like the relationship between the forces of nature, so is the relationship between spouses, friends and nations – all must keep a tempered balance. The thing is, we humans have a problem with keeping our temper because we have a say about everything, we have a choice, free will. Most of the time it reflects in wars for gaining respect, gaining land, gaining status. We all want to conquer the world but run over other worlds of other people in the process. So instead of fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong, we should choose another path.

How can we prevail?

It is all about choosing the path of peace and merger, just like in nature. Animals know better than invading another animal’s turf. They keep an un-written law and order, as they know they have to serve a mutual purpose. We humans must act the same, even when tough. A merger isn’t possible when everyone thinks only of themselves, so the purpose must be collective in order to achieve victory.

“His dominion is an eternal dominion; his kingdom endures from generation to generation.”

Daniel 4:34

Seal of Victory& Achievement: Win with purpose

44 seals were given to us as a gift by the wisest of man, King Solomon. He devoted his life to unfold the knowledge of the hidden world and its impact on earthly life.

The Seal of Victory is the one that connects its owner to their inner strength, spiritually & mindfully, to enable a viable utilization of their body and mind.
The seal is embedded with mystical codes and is shaped like a key, one that will lead its owner to achieve the best results, without fear. With it, glory and wealth could be yours to maximize your life.

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