See yourself with loving eyes and let your true wishes come to life

When we wish for good things in our life, whether abstract or tangible, we’re driven by the fuel of our will. Without it, we can’t have meaning, destined to wither away, lacking that inner fire. But, if we know how to nourish ourselves with the wisdom of the secret world, we would be able to awaken ourselves to a life worth living.
Your wish is your command…


What exactly wishes are, and why we should acknowledge them?

Some might say that chasing wishes is like chasing windmills, and that it’s best to be more “practical” in life. Is that so?

If we think about it, the thing that drives us most in our life is our imagination of a better one for ourselves. Ignoring it is in fact dangerous and can lead us to live a meaningless life, one without passion.

Why can’t we make our wishes a reality?

Mostly because we walk around with our eyes shut, mainly towards our own self. We don’t do as much as we can to fulfill our desires. Instead, we’re too busy giving meaning to everything else but us.
If we would look inwards, really take the time to explore ourselves, then we would see beyond the background noises around. With that, we would be able to find out our own way, our own destiny.

How should we know what to do to fulfill our wishes?

In a word – Focus. When we are focused we can think straight and direct ourselves to grow further. Focus allows us to keep our mind on target without disturbance. It enables us to become less stubborn and execute on our own will, through flow and acceptance.

When in focus we go through life willing instead of needing. We’re more in control over our thoughts and can make intuitive decisions that are right for us. This is how we can achieve independence, released of the constant search for something external to fill our void.

The key to self-development comes from our ability to focus, as we develop our self-confidence and self-esteem. When we don’t seek attention or confirmation that society may or may not give us – we’re free to think about what we want for ourselves, without being forced to fulfill the wishes of others around us.

In order to amplify this weakened frequency within we first must put our trust in the lord, and let him lead us through a balanced flow of living.

The Seal of Wishes: know yourself so you can love yourself

How difficult it can be for us to know ourselves sometimes and how strongly it affects our ability to love ourselves. That isn’t said with despair, as there is a viable solution to this state of mind, ready to be utilized.

“Set me as a seal over your heart, as a seal upon your arm. For love is as strong as death”

Psalm 8

The Seal of Wishes is one of the 44 seals given to us by the wisest of man, King Solomon. His wisdom contains the infinite knowledge of creation, handed to us to better our lives magnificently.

The great wisdom that is seared on these seals enables us to unlock the key to the secret of a truly good life, through self-love that is the basis of us human beings. The seal blesses its owner with compassion and connects them to the Lord, who shows them what exists in their hearts.

The seal presents a pentagram with the letters of Venus. It brings grace and honor in the path of life, making it possible to give wind to inner wishes and live out of sincerity and intention.

Ready to make a change?

Any additional aspects in your life you wish to change, clear and resolve? All seals are available to you, generating fulfillment where there is a void. Choose here

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